VIDEOS: Pathways to Wellness Conference 2021

Recovery: An On-Growing Experience

Brien Stewart discusses his approach and attitude towards recovery, gratitude and life that keeps him on the path of recovery through both positive and challenging times.

The Strong Survive,
The Resilient Thrive!

A personal story of five keys that help Thrivers flourish and find fulfillment during rough seasons. Presented by Leslie Ann Wertz Founder, The Victory PRS

The Roads We’ve Traveled,
The Miles Yet to Go

A then-and-now perspective of recovery in Virginia. How we have progressed and how far we still need to go. Presented by Mary McQuown, Peer Recovery Specialist Liaison, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Into The Future

We are in this tremendous, intense moment. What might be in store for us? What lies ahead? How do we dream of a beautiful future while still mindfully present in the brightness of the now? Presented by Michael T. Lane, Director, Office of Individual and Family Affairs for the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board

VIDEOS: Pathways to Wellness Conference 2020

Keynote: Stronger Together

The keynote address by David Woods Bartley at the 2020 Wellness and Recovery Conference.

Workshop: Pathways to Wellness 2020

The workshop by David Woods Bartley and Michael T. Lane at the 2020 Wellness and Recovery Conference.